#1.01. Ayush – The Global Conglomerate, by Usha Kiran

My submission to the tell tale contest #1

The Tell Tale Contest

Ayush – The Global Conglomerate

Chapter 1: The School

It was general motors in the 1940s who started it, later apple and then a slew of other companies held the title of the worlds largest firm, and who would have thought, that out of all places, a country overpopulated and plagued with religious and economic concerns like India, would be the birthplace of Ayush. The name since the last 20 years has been synonymous with its enormity. Even economists lost track of metaphors to describe this giant. Ayush currently owns half of the world’s monetary wealth. It’s bigger than the economies of every nation in the world combined. It’s CEO and a born genius, Mukund Rajapaksha is the undisputed king of the world, and in a few weeks, after the construction of the mars space complex, the king of the Solar System. There is no area in the world where…

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